ICT Upper Region       ICT Central Region       ICT Lower Region    


Above, ICT broken into three Regions – Upper, Central, Lower.

The full mapset lists 6700+ waypoints and 600+ tracks that comprise the main routes, alternate routes,

and nearby off-trail routes that might be useful for resupply, self-location, and bailing.


The right-most map is the First Draft of the White Line map.

This Map is focused on the primary course and several highly probably alternate/parallel routes for better

travel (ie. bicycle), connections to resupply locations, and locating important bridges. This map is comprised

of 2300+ waypoints showing most trail junctions and the 200 route segments that are the ICT.



All maps are drafts.  Ninety percent of the trail segments on all maps are identified by their official trail number

& name, and road number & local name; with the White Line map being 99% complete and double checked.

Mile marks serve as an excellent reference but there is no correlation to any other source.  In these draft versions

Waypoint Naming uses the last crossed mile mark and therefore are possibly greater than a half-mile ‘wrong’.

Mapout is currently my mapping app of choice.  These .gpx files can be mailed directly from me to your copy of the

Mapout app on your phone.  I have not worked on the mis-matched icons between Garmin and Mapout.



Send an email for the .gpx files.




Visit the other site for conversation on this trail, if any, ever:  lifeat2mph.com


Idaho Centennial Trail - Download gpx or kmz data for gps or google earth